Terms and Conditions of Use

The following terms and conditions apply to all bookings made through this website. Please read them carefully before making and finishing a book.

On the other hand: THE PROVIDER, agent in charge to provide the contracted service.

And another: THE CLIENT, a person who handles the booking request and pays the corresponding amount.

The time of managing the reservation we will refer to "Total Number of Passengers" to all the passengers in the reservation whether or not expressly appointed and "reservation holder" the name of one of the passengers that form part of the reserve.


That all parties are interested in entering into a contract for the provision of a service in the Private transport with driver or passengers with tickets for activities, in accordance with the terms previously established by company and supplier, and consciously accepted by the customer.


Private Transport Service:

Company that acts as an intermediary between supplier and customer in the application and recruitment of transportation services for both individuals and groups. We operate under the brand "MyTaxiParis" that is our exclusive property and manage through the www.mytaxiparis.com. web site: For commercial and customer care we have the telephone number (+34) 654 869 884 and operate through the web page is www.mytaxiparis.com and email is info@mytaxiparis.com.

For the provision of the services offered, we work with providers of transport qualified and certified by the French legislation for the transfer of passengers. These act as an agency with legal capacity to offer transport services and are in possession of all licenses and permits required under the laws applicable to each of them for the implementation of this activity. The transportation service shall not be considered in any way as a tourist package in the terms established by the Council Directive 90/314/EEC of 13 June 1990, or in the terms of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users as well as other complementary legislation, and therefore the company does not operate in any case as a travel agency.

Before requesting a service offered on our website, make sure you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions, as these will govern any subsequent contract. When making a booking you confirm that you have read these terms and that you have the legal capacity to accept them in their own name and on behalf of all passengers. If you have questions about any of the contractual terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Service department before you continue with the booking process. If you do not agree with any of the obligations arising out of these Terms, unfortunately shall not make any reservation with us.


The person in charge of booking you must be over 18 years and is responsible to follow and complete all steps of the online booking system appropriately and ensure that all data provided is correct and complete. The contract with City Serving, The Company will make all the necessary arrangements for organizing and arranging of the requested services with the provider.

It is expressly prohibited to persons under the age of 18 apply for services to the company; their parents, guardians or legal responsibility will need to contact us immediately in the event that a child has reserved a service with us to proceed to its cancellation. Children should always travel in the company of an adult passenger.

Private Transport Service:

After making your booking you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. If the data is correct, you will need to reconfirm the reservation. Only then the contract will be binding on both parties. If you have not managed correctly the reservation request, there will be no proof to your e-mail, and shall be exempt from all liability the company City Serving. The fact of sending the email of booking will be considered as evidence of its receipt by the client. The same is valid for any other newsletter we can. For this reason it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the email address you provided is correct and that you check your input folder and spam e-mail up to the time of the commencement of the shuttle service.

If you do not receive a confirmation of the reservation, the company can be considered canceled the reservation before the possibility of a fraudulent booking request and avoid potential economic losses. The shipment for our part of the proof of booking is a contract of responsibility and seriousness as a company with the client. By what we call the applicant with the same seriousness and responsibility to the work of others.

You should print out and have ready proof of booking for submission to the transport provider so that the driver can examine them. If the owner of the book presents no proof, it is possible that the transport operator does not provide the service. We recommend that you print and carry all communications with the company in addition to the proof of transfer.

On the other hand, if at the time the transport provider is unable to provide the service requested by causes beyond its control, the client will be informed as soon as possible, leaving the company released from any obligation to the client.


Service of private transportation:

The method of payment for the services requested will be in €. You will choose paying in advance the 10% considered as a sign of reserve corresponding to each service requested or paying the total amount in cash.

The cost of the service, must be paid in cash at the end of each journey.

Prices are charged in euros and any of the conversion of currency is provided as a tool of the approximation only.


Private transport service:

On the one hand, the company acting as an intermediary in the management of service: K. Nanaya (hereinafter referred to as the City Serving), NIF: 74378615-L (TAX ID), registered in the Mercantile Registry of the province of Alicante, with address in Avenida Alicante nº 51, 03202, Elche-Alicante-Spain.

The service that we offer is private and direct from the pick-up point indicated in the reservation up to the point of destination. You are solely responsible to indicate correctly your booking data. If at the moment there is an error that has not been previously addressed by you, the company and the supplier shall be exempt from all claim.

For pick up at the airport:

The supplier as a professional will make every effort to ensure that the pick-up times are scrupulously respected but cannot be guaranteed. So by accepting this Agreement, you agree that there may be a margin of difference of 30 minutes on your pickup time. When there is a greater delay of 30 minutes the company or supplier will contract to notify you of the delay. You will never find a collection before time without notice to the Customer. With this we were exempt from possible claims for breach of pick up time.

Obligations of the client:

- In case of arriving late at the pick-up previously agreed, you have an obligation to let us know if you arrive late and tell us the new pick up at least 3h prior to the transport operator to reschedule the pick-up service and you can be picked up at the new time. The change of your pick-up time will not cost extra on your final price always and when we communicated 3h before the scheduled time.

- In case of arriving late at the pick-up previously agreed and at the time agreed upon prior reservation, if you have been advised in a period of less than 3h to pick up initially agreed, and our wait is greater than the 45 minutes of courtesy that is offered, we reserve the right to request an increase of 15€ per each 30 minutes in excess of the actual pick up time.

- In case of arriving late at the pick-up previously agreed, without prior notice, the transport provider or our customer service department will attempt to contact you on the mobile telephone number you have provided. If this communication is not possible because you have not provided us with a valid number at the time of reserve, because they do not have coverage or by not responding to the call, the service will not be provided, the transport operator shall be released from its obligation to provide the service, no refund will be given and we reserve the right to request the total amount of the journey though this has not been carried out. After 30 minutes from the time listed for your collection without communication for its part of the delay, the reservation will be considered canceled and there is no possibility of any claim on their part; we reserve the right to request the total amount of the transfer though this has not been carried out.

If you cannot locate the driver of your move, it is your responsibility to contact us through the phone numbers that appear in your proof of transfer. If you do not call us to these numbers and opt for an alternative transfer, the transport provider shall be released from its obligation to provide the service.

For collections that are not in airports:

- In case of arriving late at the pick-up previously agreed, you have an obligation to let us know if you arrive late and tell us the new pick up at least 3h prior to the transport operator to reschedule the pick-up service and you can be picked up at the new time. The change of your pick-up time will not cost extra on your final price always and when we communicated 3h before the scheduled time.

- If there is any delay on your part or does not find the service provider we must receive your call within 10 minutes of the time agreed upon. After 10 minutes of courtesy there will be an increase in the final price of 10€ every ten minutes in excess of the contracted start time.

An external provider of telephony services records and stores a list of all calls received in our customer numbers; this list will be used as evidence in the event of discrepancy about whether there were calls to our contact numbers or not.

For transportation services to the airport we recommend:

- Charles de Gaulle Airport: pick up time 3h30 before the departure time of your flight.

- Orly Airport: pick up time 3h30 before the departure time of your flight.

- Beauvais Airport: pick up time 4h before the departure time of your flight.

ity Serving advise them of the time you should leave in order not to lose your flight, train, boat, or any activity that depends on the transport service offered by the provider for the arrival time. It is your responsibility to verify the scheduled pick-up time and to ensure that the resulting time of arrival to the departure terminal of the airport at least 10 minutes before the opening (closing) of the check-in desk and in no case less than 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the flight. City Serving reserves a margin of 40 min of traffic causes delay in the arrival time of the vehicle to the collection point without obligation to refund of the amount paid. After these 40 min the client assumes the responsibility of deciding between waiting vehicle City Serving or warn City Serving that will catch a different transport, in which case the City Serving will cancel the booking without any penalty. All of this only in the event that the customer has accepted the pick up time previously proposed by City Serving.

In either case City Serving is exempt from any claim for the payment of transport tickets, hotels or other at the possible loss of flight, train, boat or hired activity, by delay in the collection of the client or on your transfer to the place of destination due to traffic, accidents, controls, or any other cause that prevents the vehicle perform the service in normal circumstances and in time.

All transportation services contracted through City Serving are covered by the policy of civil liability of the transport provider or the company subcontracted by this, leaving City Serving free of any responsibility.


During the booking process you will have the possibility to reserve an additional stop by if you need to pick up or return keys or if your group is divided between more than one accommodation. The direction of the additional stop must be located within a radius of 1km away from the main stop. The maximum duration of this additional stop is 5 minutes and the bus stop will have an extra cost of 10€ in the final price.


Private transport service:

The information that you have provided in your transfer request includes the collection point, the target point and the address of the accommodation in your case and the date and time of the service. Any changes that affect these or other data shall be communicated by e-mail to the address Info@mytaxibarcelona.com. Such amendments must be notified with sufficient time for the company and the supplier be able to cope with the changes. Has the time to make changes up to 12 hours prior to the completion of the service. If there is a change of urgency after the deadline of 12h must inform our Customer Service telephone 654 884 869. The customer assumes any increase in the cost of the service due to a change in the reserve.

Once the contract has been formalized, the customer must notify our Customer Service any error detected with a minimum of 12 hours in advance in relation to the shuttle service. The notifications received with less than 12 hours prior to the service of transfer shall entitle the company to cancel the contract without any penalty.

Any cancellation of the contract must be made in writing through our e-mail info@mytaxiparis.com directed to our Customer Service Department. Can be canceled both shuttle services separately as a full reserve that includes more than a free-of-charge service 48h prior to pick up time in your booking. Except for those services have been ordered and paid in advance via bank transfer. In this case will be returned to the total amount of the contracted service less the costs of managing the Transfer of return.

If you wish to cancel your booking within 48h prior to your collection, it will be returned to the 50% of the amount paid in advance and if the cancellation is made within 24h prior to the collection, they will be refunded the amount previously paid.


Si un producto es mostrado o cargado erróneamente, ya sea un error humano o por un error técnico, en el sitio web de entradasparis.com, nos reservamos el derecho de cancelar y reembolsar cualquier reserva hecha para estos productos antes de la fecha de visita reservada, como es nuestro derecho bajo la ley de España. Siempre que sea posible vamos a tratar de ofrecer una alternativa.


Private transport service:

We do not accept reservations that have not been requested with a minimum time of 24 hours. If you need a transport service that does not comply with this condition, please call our Customer Service Telephone 654 86 98 84 To confirm if there is availability to provide the service.

For reservations made after 22:00 hours and that the requested service is within 10 hours after we do not work to be able to confirm and to perform the service. We recommend that you book with enough time to avoid problem in the future.


Private transport service:

Our vehicles have a maximum capacity of 8 passengers plus driver. With regard to bags, there is the ability of one suitcase per passenger for free with a maximum size of 80x54x36. At the time of booking you must inform us if you take extra luggage so you can confirm the availability of space on the vehicle. It is not necessary to declare smaller packages that can be located in the passenger’s footrest as cameras, bags or backpacks. The passenger shall be liable for any cost incurred in case you need additional vehicles for the transportation of baggage not declared.

If you have some kind of special baggage as prams (5€ extra per cart in the final price), chair of extra wheels or animals, please contact our Customer Service for availability in the car. If you do not know that it takes such special baggage, once at the point of collection the transport provider shall have the right to demand the payment of an extra vehicle if there is not enough space in your vehicle.

The acceptance of the contract and general conditions shall be considered to be a tacit agreement not to include in any case in the luggage or personal objects objects that contravene the laws of the country in which the service is provided (weapons, etc.) or they can be dangerous to a third party, nor animals unless you have reached a prior agreement and are transported in a suitable container (guide dogs accompanying persons are accepted by general rule), or objects of size, weight, expiration date or excessive fragility.

The carriage of baggage and other personal items is at your own risk and in no event will we be liable for any damage or loss. This risk of loss or damage should be covered by insurance by the customer before the start of the trip.


All our transport operators comply with the legislation. In the case of the services performed in French, the Regulations indicates that it is necessary that the vehicles for this type of service have the corresponding security devices.

Children with height equal to or less than 135cm should always use a retaining system approved and adapted to your height and weight, always in the back seats.

  • Group 0 and 0+:
  • 0 to 13 kg, up to 18 months
  • Grup 1:
  • 9 to 18 kg, 1 year to 4 years
  • Grup 2 and 3:
  • 15 to 36 kg, 4 to 12 years approx
  • Belt:
  • From 135 cm, older than 12 years

    • All the children and babies, regardless of age, will be taken into account to determine the capacity of the vehicle to use, and therefore must be entered in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.


      For passengers with reduced mobility with folding wheelchairs must request the service of transport through our Customer Service Team. Our vehicles are not suitable for caring for people with wheel chairs. Only accept folding wheelchairs since it is not possible to ensure the vehicle will pick you up, if not requested with notice. Passengers with reduced mobility must be able to access the vehicle by themselves or with the help of those traveling with them. The driver is prohibited from providing aid for getting on the vehicle.


      The supplier of the service undertakes to do everything possible to get to the point of skidding at the time indicated on the reservation. Arrival the time agreed and the car has not yet been able to reach for any reason outside the as may be the trafficking, retention, security controls or other cases, both the provider of the service as City Serving will keep you informed at all times of the actual situation of the vehicle. In this way you as the user will value and take the decision to wait in the car or take another alternative. City Serving and the provider are exempt from any possible claim to the consequences produced by the decision taken by the customer.

      The person responsible for the vehicle used by acting as a service provider for the transport of the services will be included in the guarantee of civil liability of the insurance policy of the service provider. So, City Serving is liable only for those damages that are the result attributable to his failure or negligence, and the total amount paid by you. We are not responsible for any damages that we are directly attributable to our negligence or those produced by accident or force majeure or having their cause in legal and administrative requirements.

      Claims for compensation for accident, illness, personal injury or death caused during the transport service should be addressed to the service provider and their insurance companies, and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the country in which the incident has occurred. The sole responsibility of City Serving will be to act as an agent of mediation between the parties concerned: the customer and the service provider. Will be responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations arising out of the contract that correspond with their field of management, except when the faults observed in the transport are attributable to the customer or to a third party, to a case of force majeure or unforeseeable event or none, or eventualities such as computer viruses that may affect the reliability of the information contained on the website, and whose existence can be proven.

      Therefore, the liability for any action resulting from the transportation will be attributable to the provider and their insurance companies. City Serving will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by improper processing of the information of the reservation by the service provider. City Serving will not be responsible for any possible incidents that may occur during the provision of the service of transport.

      We were completely exempt from any responsibility in case of loss or forgetfulness of some object in the vehicle. Acting in good faith, they will contact the supplier directly to reach an agreement on the return.


      The shipment of the receipt of the booking will mean that the client tacitly accepted the right of the provider of services to refuse to carry any passenger whose circumstances or behavior may be considered dangerous for the other passengers or the driver or cause harm to the vehicle and being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other. During the transport service on the vehicle will not be able to smoke, drink alcohol or narcotics.


      The contract between the City Serving and the customer shall be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute which may arise between the City Serving and the client shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Alicante.

      The conditions of employment provided for here you are subject to the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and electronic commerce; the Law 7/1998, of 13 April, of the General Conditions of Contract; the Royal Decree 1906/1999, of 17 December, of the General Conditions of the Telephone or Electronic Services Contracts; the Law 15/1999, of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data; the EC Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June, the e-commerce directive, and the Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2007, on the protection of consumers in respect of contracts at a distance.


      The intellectual property rights of the web of City Serving are protected by national and international standards that have been granted under license. It is prohibited the use of web City Serving for any use other than the reservation of transportation services. Changing it is not allowed for the subsequent publication or reproduction in whole or in part in any field without the express authorization of City Serving.


      City Serving you can use the user ids from your website to collect information that will help you in the improvement of its services. When the user of the web requests budget for carrying out a service of transport and facilitates their personal data such as name, address and e-mail address, City Serving you can use these data to offer you in the future promotions and offers that may be of interest to you. In such cases the promoting and offers will be sent to the email address of the customer.

      At the time that the client accepts the booking confirmation of the transport service, the customer is tacitly authorizing City Serving to communicate such data to the service provider to perform the service of transport. It is also considered that authorizes you to use such data for the process of collection and billing in the case of the service, and to provide other services that may be of interest to the client, and that will be sent by email.

      In any case, all of the personal data that users of the web to communicate in the same shall be stored in automated files safeguarded whose records are declared to the Data Protection Agency. It ensures that all process shall be subject to the strictest controls relating to the security and confidentiality of the personal data provided by the customers and users of the web. In the event that a customer or user wishes to stop receiving information in the future about promotions and offers that City Serving i could send him considering that are of interest to you, a simple email request in this regard will be sufficient for the cessation of the activity. Similarly, if you want you can request by e-mail communication what are your personal data in the possession of City Serving, may request a modification of the same.


      The EU Regulation n° 524/2013 on online dispute resolution in consumer matters entered into force on 09.01.2016. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). This Regulation seeks to establish an independent judicial procedure, impartial, transparent, efficient, fast and just to resolve the various disputes arising from the on-line sale of goods and services among the countries of the EU.

      If you are an international customer from this page at the following link: European Office for consumers is an international platform of the EU for the resolution of a possible conflict that arises in the use of the services offered by this page. You have every right to communicate if the service you are receiving or have received does not meet your expectations. Has the customer service by phone (+34 654 869 884) or by email (info@mytaxiparis.com) to communicate their complaints and discomfort, and be able to offer you a solution as soon as possible, always within our possibilities. Complaints received after the transportation service and that we were not reported during the course of the transfer may not be accepted because we have not been given the opportunity to provide help or intervene in some way. You will find our contact details on the booking.


      In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, I consent to the inclusion of my data in a file that is incumbent City Serving, and that they are used for the provision of the services contracted. In the same way, I authorized the dispatch of information relating to the company, its products or services. In addition, I declared to be informed about the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition that I will be able to exercise through letter addressed to City Serving. In Avenida 51, 03202 Alicante, Elche. Alicante. Spain; or by sending an email to the email address info@mytaxiparis.com